[Important Notice] Updates of PIXTA Group Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our service PIXTA. We hereby notify you of the updates of our group’s Privacy Policy which will take effects on August 9, 2022. We will update our group’s Privacy Policy in order to improve explanation on… Continue Reading →

Selling Your Images with Subscription Service

What is “Subscription service” site? Sales items and Royalty How to calculate earnings and royalty How to sell your images at the subscription service FAQ What is “Subscription service” site? Since 2014, PIXTA Inc. has been offering “Subscription service” (used… Continue Reading →

Terms and Conditions for PIXTA Free Design Templates

The template material (hereinafter referred to as the “Free Design Template”) provided free of charge in PIXTA ( referred to as the “Service”) is to be provided for the purpose of a marketing research by PIXTA Inc.(hereinafter referred to as… Continue Reading →

New subscription plans were launched for purchasers!

Dear PIXTA Purchasers!   Thank you for using our service, PIXTA.    On 18 May 2020, we have launched new subscription plans for the users (except residents of Japan, Taiwan, and Korea). Please check the details as follows.   ■Image… Continue Reading →

[Important Notice] Updates of our Terms of Use

Thank you for using our service PIXTA. On March 24, 2020, we updated our Terms of Use. The updated articles/paragraphs include: Terms of Use Paragraph 6 of Article 2 Paragraph 3 of Article 7 Terms of Use – License Agreement… Continue Reading →

[Important Notice]Closure of Thai language site and termination of operation by PIXTA THAILAND

Update: The date of the closure is 12th May, 2020. Dear Users in Thailand and all Thai language users. It is hereby announced that the operation for the Thai customers and customer support in Thai language, which have been conducted… Continue Reading →

Notification of our operating related to telecommuting systems implemented to avoid COVID-19

Thank you for using the PIXTA. PIXTA in Japan office, by the transition to work from home(WFH) which is avoid COVID-19, we have to change the part of corresponding method. You can use the PIXTA site as usual, However, it… Continue Reading →

Revision of the amount of the credits along with the change of the prices of items(only photos and illustrations) bought in JPY on our single purchase service.

To PIXTA Contributors,   Thank you for always supporting PIXTA. We would like to inform you that we added the following a revision to our service on February 1st, 2020. ・Revision of the amount of the credits along with the… Continue Reading →

[Important Notice] Updates of our Terms of Use

Thank you for using our service PIXTA. October 30, 2019, we updated our Terms of Use. PIXTA Terms of Use Paragraph 10 of Article 8 Terms of Use – License Agreement Item ii of paragraph 13 of Article… Continue Reading →

Announcement for Sale in the PIXTA Partner’s Services

Dear PIXTA Contributor Members, Thank you for always using PIXTA. PIXTA has started a business partnership with OGQ Co., Ltd. in terms of the “Naver OGQ Market” as we already announced in advance. Naver OGQ Market is a digital contents… Continue Reading →

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