Dear PIXTA Purchasers!


Thank you for using our service, PIXTA. 


On 18 May 2020, we have launched new subscription plans for the users (except residents of Japan, Taiwan, and Korea).

Please check the details as follows.


■Subscription Plan (for one user)

  • You can select 10, 50, 350, or 750 DL per month.
  • You can carry over remained downloads to the next month or later.

reference:  Q. what is carry over? 

monthly download 10DL 50DL 350DL 750DL
Price(Annual Renewal) US$29/month(US$348/year) US$99/month(US$1,188/year) US$169/month(US$2,028/year) US$199/month(US$2,388/year)
Price(Monthly Renewal) US$49/month US$125/month US$199/month US$249/month
Maximum carryover download 110DL 1,100DL 3,850DL 8,250DL


The carry over option will provide you more flexible use. 

* carry over is available for the plans of one user. multi-user plans doesn’t have the option at this moment. 



■For users who has license of other plans; 

Current plan is also available as long as you renew.

To use the new plans, please purchase new plans on