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On March 24, 2020,
we updated our Terms of Use.

The updated articles/paragraphs include:

Terms of Use
Paragraph 6 of Article 2
Paragraph 3 of Article 7

Terms of Use – License Agreement
Items ii and ix of Paragraph 13 of Article 16
Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 21
Paragraph 5 of Article 22

We updated our Terms of Use in order to react the current revision
of Civil Code and laws in Japan, which is the governing law of our Terms of Use,
as well as reviewing some phrases in terms of English,
and adjusting some words in accordance with other posts/display
within our service etc.

Please be sure to check the latest Terms of Use when you use our service. Thank you.

We will always try our best in order to make progress and further improve our service
so that more and more people can use it comfortably.