To PIXTA Contributors,
Thank you for always supporting PIXTA.
We would like to inform you that we added the following a revision to our service on February 1st, 2020.

・Revision of the amount of the credits along with the change of the prices of items(only photos and illustrations) bought in JPY on our single purchase service.

Please check more details below.

Price after the change

Sizes Price
S ¥500
M ¥1,800
L ¥3,300
XL ¥5,000
V(Vector) ¥3,500

※While we revised the prices of S, there is no change applied to the prices of M ~ XL and vector items.
In the case that an item gets bought after the revision, you will be given the credits calculated along with the new price multiplied by your commission rate.

【The formula】
New prices × commission rate = the total amount of credits bestowed

※As for the commission rate, please refer to the article below

Besides, we usually check and confirm payments by users and move on to the step of bestowing credits to each contributor after the checks. Due to this step, the timing when you actually receive the credits could be late for a while, and this may cause the application of the credits based on the old prices. This case occurs just because those items got bought before the revision of the prices, and we cannot bestow credits based on the new prices to those purchases

We have applied the revision of the prices only to the items bought via Yen, taking account of the various conditions of the countries and currencies on which we run our services.

We sincerely appreciate your kind understanding.