Procedure for Selling

Upload & Submit procedure (Photos and Illustrations)

We are going to explain how to upload and submit your images here.

Upload & Submit procedure (Footage)

We are going to explain how to upload and submit your footage here.

How to Become a Footage Contributor

In order to sell footage at PIXTA, you need to pass our Footage Contributor Examination. Please submit your self created video clips to PIXTA, along with the detailed information of the camera and other equipment environment used to create footage.

Keywording Advice

What are keywords? Keywording advice Risk of wrong keywords What are keywords? Keywords are used by purchasers when they look for certain images. Even if your image is highly qualified, it won’t be purchased if purchasers cannot find your image…. Continue Reading →

Maximum upload limits at PIXTA

● How the upload limits changes at PIXTA Each contributor has a set limited number of upload for photos/illustrations. The upload limit can change depending on following factors: Approval rate (Less images are rejected during PIXTA’s review) Quality as stock photos/illustrations… Continue Reading →

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