What happens when someone purchases my work?

When your contents are purchased, certain amounts of the sales will be paid in “earned credits” as your royalty.

When a purchase is made, a notification email will be sent to your registered email address.

Sales processing is done automatically, so you do not have to do anything at this time. Your current earnings and sales history can be checked on your “Account Page” (login required).

About Usage of Works

Content sold on PIXTA is royalty free (RF) content for which we do not require the customers for usage records. Please be noted that we cannot answer any questions about the use of purchased contents.

Royalty Rate

When your contents are purchased, you will receive “earned credits” based on your royalty rate, which is determined by your registration status and sales performance (Contributor Rank). Your earnings are calculated with the price and your royalty rate in accordance with the Contributor Agreement.

»Selling price of Photo and Illustration »Selling price of Footage

* Regarding royalties for the downloads in the subscription service, please see here.

When you have accumulated earned credits in the amount of 50 credits or more, you can exchange them for cash at a rate of ¥100 per 1 credit.


Royalty rates when photo or illustration is purchased

Non-Exclusive or subscription plans (10 download per 30 days) Exclusive Contributor Other Subscription Plans
Normal royalty rate 22~42% 30~53% 0.25〜0.55 Credits
When purchased with the exclusive sale option 30~48% - 0.27〜0.50 Credits
When purchased with the Extended License (Photo&Illustration ONLY) (Selling price* + Extended License fee*) × royalty rate (%)*Tax not included in amount -

*When your contents are purchased under the Subscription, the earned credits mentioned above will be granted for each “download” of the contents.
*As used herein, the term “download” means an initial download of each contents, exclusive of the re-download(s) of the same contents (in case of the multi-seat license plan, the re-downloads of the same contents within the same multi-seat group) that the User is allowed to have from his or her Account Page as many times as he or she likes during a certain period after the initial download is done.

Royalty rates when footage is purchased

Normal Royalty rate 40%
When purchased with the exclusive sale option 50%

For details of Footage Subscription Plans and Royalty Rate, please check here.

Sales Patterns and Records in Sales History

When a work is purchased, the details will be recorded in Sales History on your account page.

Sales Patterns Example of a record in Sales History Notes
When purchased with
a normal license
An icon will be displayed for the size of the image that was purchased.
When purchased with an
Extended License
+ Icons will be displayed for the size of the image that was purchased and for the Extended License.
When an Extended License is purchased for previously purchased content An icon will be displayed for the Extended License only.
When a previously purchased work is changed to a larger size Icons will be displayed for the original size and the modified size.

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About Payments

Earned credits received from content sales or from an affiliate can be exchanged for cash at a rate of ¥100 per 1 credit once you have accumulated 50 credits or more.

*Your earnings from content sales are subject to income tax (Earned credits received from affiliates are not subject to this).

*Once you have made a payment request, it cannot be canceled later.

Payment Process

If you have earned credits in the amount of 50 credits or more, you can request payment at any time.

We offer two payment options: Paypal or Payoneer.
Before you request a payment, you will need to complete “Payment Settings” in advance, so please register in “Sales & Payment” → “Payment Settings” from your “Account Page” (login required).

*If you choose Payoneer as your Payment Method, the amount of royalties in Japanese Yen will be exchanged at the JPY-USD rate as applied by Payoneer to the amount in US dollar, which will be transferred to your Payoneer account, subject to the conversion fee to be deducted in the amount equivalent to 2% of the amount of royalties in US dollar.
The applied JPY-USD rate shall be the rate of an external financial institution determined by Payoneer in accordance with the date of our exchange order, which may be different from the date of your conversion application or payment date.

When you complete the above process, you can request a payment by “Sales & Payment” → “Request Payment” from your “Account Page”.

After you complete the payment request, you will receive an email listing the amount to be paid and the expected date of the payment, so please save it until the payment is completed.

The payment will be processed on 15th of the month after the next from your request. (in the event of a weekend or holiday, it will fall on the next business day).