Sizes and Prices

Web(S) 320×180(16:9)
$15 or 15 credits
Web(L) 640×360(16:9)
$25 or 25 credits
NTSC DV 854×480(16:9)720×480(4:3) $50 or 50 credits
NTSC D1 864×486(16:9)
$50 or 50 credits
PAL 1024×576(16:9)720×576(4:3) $50 or 50 credits
HD720 1280×720(16:9) $70 or 70 credits
HD1080 1920×1080(16:9) $90 or 90 credits
4K 3840×2160, 4096×2160, 4096×2304, 4800×2700 $180 or 180 credits

 * 1 Credit is equivalent to $1 >>About Prepaid Credits
* $:USD

Submission Requirements

Video format
HD 1080i/p (1920×1080)
HD 720 (1280×720)
NTSC D1 (864×486 or 720×486)
NTSC DV (854×480 or 720×480)
PAL (1024×576 or 720×576)
4K (3840 × 2160, 4096 × 2160, 4096 × 2304, 4800×2700)

Frame rates 23.98fps
*Frame rates should correspond to the video format.
(25fps for NTSC, and 29.97fps for PAL are invalid.)
Pixel Aspect Ratio 1.0(square pixel).
Codec Photo JPEG
Motion JPEG A/B
ProRes 422 HQ
ProRes 422
Animation*footage with alpha channels
*mp4 can accept H.264 only.
Container format mov , mp4
File capacity limitation for 1 clip Within 4GB
Length 5-60 seconds
Sound No sound required.
*The original sound is acceptable.
(e.g. Sound of the crowd, fireworks, etc.)


  • Model release is required for all recognizable people.
  • We cannot accept any clip which doesn’t follow the guideline.
  • We cannot accept such clips as; poor focus, unstable camerawork, noise/artifact or any other flaws that make them unsuitable for commercial use.

How to upload your clips

Get your FTP account information

As for footage, we currently accept uploads via FTP only.

You need to register first if you don’t have our FTP account information yet.
Go to your upload page and follow the instruction.
(If you are not registered as PIXTA contributor yet, please see Contributor Guide to create your account)

Upload your clips

  1. When your FTP account information is ready, you can check them at your upload page.
    Our servers are located in Japan, US and Europe. Choose the nearest one and log in.
    If you forget your password,
    Please go to the “Upload” page of your account page and click “Reissue Password for FTP”.
    Your new password for the FTP server will be reissued by clicking the “Reissue Password” button.
  2. Create a new folder named as the current date (
    ex) May 15th, 2013 → 2013.05.15
    *You cannot upload the folders or files with the same name of those you have uploaded before.
  3. Upload your clips.
    *Do not upload other files such as model releases or metadata sheets via FTP. Keywording and uploading model releases are required in the next step.
  4. After uploading your files, please go to your Account page and enter files’ information, then submit them for reviewing.You may register keywords, title and comments by uploading CSV files. Please download the CSV file format from “Upload image descriptions via CSV” located in the information edit page.