What is Contributor Rank?

At PIXTA, contributor rank rises as the total numbers of Single Purchase photos/illustrations increases.
* 5 downloads on Subscription are counted as 1 download on Single Purchase.

The more files you could sell, the higher rank and royalty you can get.
Contributors could check their own rank at your account page.

*Currently, contributor rank only applies to the sales of photos and illustrations. It is not applied to footage sales.
Contributor Rank Table
Rank Up and Royalty Change
Display Rank

Contributor Rank Table

Sales performance
of the past one year
Rank Non-Exclusive or subscription plans (10 download per 30 days)
Non-Exclusive Partial Exclusive Total Exclusive
0 to 149 times 22% 30% 30%
More than 150 times 25% 33% 40%
More than 500 times 29% 36% 43%
More than 1500 times 33% 40% 46%
More than 3000 times 37% 44% 49%
More than 5000 times 42% 48% 53%


Sales performance
of the past one year
Rank Other subscription plans
Non-Exclusive Partial Exclusive Total Exclusive
0 to 149 times 0.25 credits 0.27 credits 0.30 credits
More than 150 times 0.27 credits 0.30 credits 0.35 credits
More than 500 times 0.30 credits 0.35 credits 0.40 credits
More than 1500 times 0.35 credits 0.40 credits 0.45 credits
More than 3000 times 0.40 credits 0.45 credits 0.50 credits
More than 5000 times 0.45 credits 0.50 credits 0.55 credits

*When your contents are purchased under the Subscription, the earned credits mentioned above will be granted for each “download” of the contents.
*As used herein, the term “download” means an initial download of each contents, exclusive of the re-download(s) of the same contents (in case of the multi-seat license plan, the re-downloads of the same contents within the same multi-seat group) that the User is allowed to have from his or her Account Page as many times as he or she likes during a certain period after the initial download is done.

*In terms of the sales performance for the Contributor Rank, 5 downloads under the Subscription will be counted as 1 sale under the Individual Purchase.
Ranks below 1 will not be displayed to public, which means nobody will know who’s at which rank except for the contributor himself/herself.

*The number of “”times”” is counted as sales performance even when one photo is sold more than once.
In the case of 150 times.
· The record that one photo was sold 150 times is also counted.
·Track record that another photos of 150 sheets were sold more than once is also counted.

If a contributor’s rank is 2 or higher, the rank icon will be displayed at the contributor’s profile page (https://www.pixtastock.com/@*****). In this state, other people could see the rank, too.


Rank Up and Royalty Change

Once you have reached the required sales, you will rank up and your rank icon as well as your comission rates will be updated.
The ranks will be revised every month considering your sales for one year until the day before the day of your subscription.

(E.g Based on a subscription on the 3rd of the month, your rank will be revised every 3rd of the following months, September 2, October 2… and the new rank will apply from the next day at 7am).


Display Rank

Sales count and rank are shown in your account page as following.

● Month: Total number of sales from the beginning of the current month

● from 08/01/2017: Cumulative total sales from 1 year before the next rankinkg update date
※ Date is your membership registration date (“”08/01/2017″” in this example)
If the next ranking update date is August 01, 2018, the result from August 01, 2017 is regraded as the number of sales

● Total: Total number of sales from member registration date.
※ If there are sales from January 01, 2009 before, the results from January 01, 2009 is regarded as the total number of sales.

The number is refreshed every day.
There could occur some time lags in refreshing the record.
Please see Sales Record for the newest information.

As soon as the required sales count is fulfilled and rank is changed, the new rank and the new royalty rate will be applied from the next day. This means your royalty won’t be fixed retroactively.

For more details, see here.