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  • Photos
    JPG (at least 1301px in total)

  • Illustrations
    JPG (at least 1301px in total)
    PNG / EPS (max. 30 MB)

  • Footage
    MOV (1.6 GB 5~60 seconds)

Benefits of Stock Photo? Success Stories of Top Contributors

5 Easy Steps to Sell Stock

Registration / ID Submission

First, enter your basic Information and confirm your email address.
Second, send us a copy of ID documents. We shall take a few days to check your ID.
Third, take an easy comprehensive test about stock photo.
You can start selling your work after our check of your ID is completed and you pass the test.


First of all, see technical requirements for files on
"Photo and Illustration Guidelines" & "Footage Guideline".
You can upload your photos / illustrations on "Your account page", and footage via FTP. Read carefully "Upload page" before uploading.

Besides, please let us know if you don't have any FTP account yet.

Keywords & Submission

No matter how excellent your image is, no customer can buy it without accurate keywords tagged on.
Please keep in mind the following tips.

・Add keywords describing "the subject & main theme of the image"
・Add important keywords in order of precedence
・Do not add any inaccurate keywords or information

Review by PIXTA

We review EVERY stock image and footage uploaded.
Here are major reasons why some images are rejected.

・Low image quality (Low resolution)
・Low quality concerning shooting techniques
・A subject is Not fit for use of Stock Photo / Footage.
・Keywords or titles added on a Image are Not accurate.
・A file is Without a signed model release, though it needs.

Start Selling

You can start selling your image right after you pass our review!
Your creative work will reach customers around the world!
We can notify you with "the News Letter" service as soon as we start selling your image.
Click here to set "the News Letter" on.

Royalty Rates

Your earnings( credits ) = ( File Price + Extended License ) x Royalty Rate

Photos / Illustrations Rate

Non-Exclusive or subscription plans (10 download per 30 days)
22 - 42%
30 - 53%
Other Subscription plans
0.25 - 0.4 credits

Footage Rate


*For photos/illustrations royalty rates, please refer to "Contributor Rank Table"

Your earnings are accumulated as "credits", currency used at PIXTA (1 credit = 100 JPY).
You can submit a payment request on your account page after reaching 50 credits(5,000 JPY) through PayPal or Payoneer. Payment will be processed on 15th of the month after the next from your request.(e.g. If you make a request during August, payment will be disbursed on October 15th.)

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