Welcome to PIXTA, the most trusted microstock photography agency in Japan, which provide Royalty-Free photos, illustrations and footage.
Every single one of your images will be reviewed to see if those meet our quality standard.
Any images don’t meet the standard will not be accepted.

We also lay down some rules regarding maximum upload limits which fluctuates depending on multiple factors such as approval rate, quality of images and quantity of sales.
Please upload and submit your images based on following guideline in order to provide high-quality stock images for purchasers.

  • Before submitting your works, please read PIXTA’s guidelines and policies including this selling stock guideline. Your upload means that you have agreed with these rules.
  • This guideline could be changed or fixed. Please read this through upon uploads.
  • Contributor must guarantee the quality of contents, rights (copyrights, model releases and intellectual property rights) and the accuracy of keywords. If images lacking any of these are sold and purchased, that could cause damages to the purchasers such as companies or designers, and they might file a lawsuit or claim compensation for damages against you.


Regarding detailed selling conditions, please refer to following links:

»Photo and Illustration Guideline    »Footage Guideline


【Important】 Rights and prohibition of contents

PIXTA strictly prohibits the sales of contents that are unsuited to be used for business or infringe rights of third party.
If a content has any problem and it’s being purchased/used, that could lead to trouble such as claim, compensation for damage, lawsuit and so on. Please submit contents without any issue, based on contributors’ self-responsibility.
*Please also read the related article regarding copyright and portrait right.

  • Content which includes graphic descriptions of obscenities or violence or which is against public policy and good morals cannot be submitted.
  • Model release must be submitted if any recognizable people are included in an image. Any photos without model releases for each model will be rejected in review.
  • If the main subject’s copyright is held by the third person such as a work of art, please acquire Property Release beforehand. In this case, if you cannot acquire property release, then you’re not supposed to sell the image.
  • Even if it does not correspond to legal injury, it could cause claim from the third person if you shoot(or draw) and sell images of something(or somewhere) owned or managed by the third person without permission. Please make sure if property release is needed or not. If needed, please acquire the property release or if you cannot acquire the release, do not sell the images.
    Followings are some examples those might lead to legal injury or complaints when you sell images without permission.

    • Copyright protected artworks (e.g. Copyright is protected 50 years following the individual’s death in Japanese law. The length of protection differs in each country.)
    • Designed products (one-of-a-kind items those are not mass-produced, big‐name brand products)
    • Pets, famous animals
    • Images shot in properties owned or managed by the third person (e.g. commercial facilities such as a theme park or a zoo, historical site, your friend’s house)
    • Any other places with any restrictions on shooting for commercial purpose.
  • Please be noted that these are just some examples. The necessity of permission depends on each situation. Please research and check before every shooting by yourself since PIXTA cannot completely check copyrights of subjects.
  • Selling images using other images those copyright you do not own yourself will constitute an infringement of copyright, which is subject to punishment according to the law. We strongly prohibit tracing and imitating someone else’s works. Please create and submit your original images.