Happy to inform you that we launched PIXTA Editor (β version)!

What’s PIXTA Editor?

PIXTA Editor is online new tool which enables you to edit over 48 million photos and illustrations of PIXTA for free.  (as of July 2020)  *English only


How to Access?

1. Please visit an item page you would like to use.

2. Click [Edit this image] button.


3. You can start your design!


What’s the benefit of PIXTA Editor?

  • You don’t need to install any apps or software. You can start using right now!
  • Preset size is prepared. You can easily create the design for SNS or ads images.
  • You can upload your own images (company logo, your pictures etc.) as well.
  • Now, you can try changing color or size without downloading comp data (sample data) from PIXTA. You can directly edit the image on PIXTA Editor.



Q. Who can use PIXTA Editor?

A. Anybody can use it! Save or Download edited image is allowed to PIXTA account log-in users only. Create a new account?


Q. Does it cost to use PIXTA Editor?

A.No, it’s free. When you use PIXTA items, you need to purchase the image itself.


Q. What is the available formats of download? 

A. Currently only JPG is available. 


Q. What’s Template? How can I use it?

A. Template is prepared formats you can edit and create your design freely. You can find authorized and prohibited usages here.


Q. Does it cost to use Template?

A.No, it’s free. When you use PIXTA items, you need to purchase the image itself.