We do not sell EPS or PNG file ONLY.
If a content which is rejected at a step of JPG file reviewing cannot be registered the corresponding EPS or PNG file.

And also EPS or PNG file is sold with JPG file as combined sales so if EPS or PNG file which differs from the corresponding JPG file cannot be registered.
Please check carefully if there is any difference between JPG file and EPS/PNG file before uploading.

Submission Requirements

All File Extensions

  • File name consists only alphabets (case-sensitive), numbers, and following symbols:
    ! , – , _ , ’ , $ , # , ( , ) , + , & and %.
  • Use the same file name for your images in any file extension such as EPS, PNG and JPEG.
  • If you use IPTC for metadata, please add your metadata in JPEG.
  • Do not put unrelated text on your image, such as “Sample Text,” “Your Text Here” or “Vector Design.”

Vector File

[Recommendation] We provide a script app to check if there is any objects to get rejected in your EPS file.

Automatic check script

  • EPS file must be Adobe Illustrator 8.0 – CS2 compatible.
    *We support only Adobe Illustrator as EPS editing program.
  • EPS file size must be less than 30MB.
  • Stray points, open shapes, locked layers, trim marks, hidden layers and any unnecessary objects should not be left in your files.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines.
  • Any image containing raster image or linked raster file is not acceptable.
  • Vectorized photograph is not acceptable.
  • Avoid using spot color.
  • When you submit EPS files, please submit JPEG (and PNG) files as well.
    *We cannot accept EPS files without JPEG files.
  • Open your files again before submitting to make sure there is no flaw in data.
  • Open path and rough shaped object must be checked in enlarged display to fix before submitting.
  • You can add EPS or PNG version to JPEG version in store already. If you want to add same EPS or PNG version with JPEG version in store already, please submit them with the same file name as JPEG.
  • Document size must be 100mm x 100mm and larger.
  • When you create a data file, please double check the resolution.
    If you use Adobe Illustrator, please set the resolution on a high resolution (300ppi) or more than that.
  • Please place your work within an Artboard.

* Important points when save as PNG file

  • PNG file must have alpha-channel transparency.
  • When you create PNG files, please save a file with the same or a bigger size as JPG files.
  • We highly recommend “sRGB” for color space of PNG file.

* Regarding using a font that is being marketed or free to your selling contents

All contents are for selling as stock contents so a font that is used to your contents need to be available as “Commercial use”.

Concerning “Redistribution”, usually it indicates “To distribute a font data itself”.
In that case, since our contents do not allow customers to edit or use the font itself,
so “To distribute a font data itself” is not be applied.

Based on the above, it is basically considered as “Corresponding to commercial use” or “Not corresponding to redistribution” though, it depends on the Terms of Use of the font you use. So please contact to the font’s right holder whether it does not correspond to “Redistribution” by their Terms of Use or “Commercial use” that sells as stock contents which are inserted in a design or edited is allowed.

How to upload EPS/PNG files

To upload EPS/PNG files, log in to Dashboard, access to Upload page and upload from there.
Please be noted that file requirements are different depending on file format. Please follow the table shown below.


If you would like to sell: You need to submit:
(Compressed EPS and PNG in a same folder. / JPG raster version will be automatically generated from PNG.)
(Compressed EPS and JPG in a same folder.)
(JPG raster version will be automatically generated from PNG.)

*When compressing a folder to ZIP file, please do not put any other unnecessary item in it.
*We accept ZIP as the only compressed format.
*To upload JPG illustration only, please upload it from “Upload Illustrations” in “Upload” page.

Please refer to EPS/PNG guideline regarding detailed EPS/PNG data format.


Matching EPS/PNG File to JPG file

  1. Log in to your Dashboard then access to Content Manager.
  2. Click the illustration that you would like to link EPS/PNG files to see Content Details.
    (EPS/PNG files could be linked to illustrations only)
  3. Select files to link, then click Upload button to finish submitting.
    *PNG files have to be the same size or larger than JPG images.
    *Maximum upload limit for files are 30MB
    *If EPS/PNG files are linked to JPG images that are under sales as variation, then the EPS/PNG images will be sold as variation, too.
  4. As soon as your files are submitted, those will be displayed on narrowing down by EPS/PNG of Content Manager.