You must own copyright in order to sell photos/illustrations/footage at PIXTA.
Selling images whose copyright you do not own yourself will constitute an infringement of copyright, which is subject to punishment according to the law.
If such images are sold and purchased, that could cause damages to the purchasers such as companies or designers, and they might file a lawsuit or claim compensation for damages against you.

Before uploading images to PIXTA, please read and fully understand Terms of Use on your own responsibility. You could only upload and sell images that you own those copyright.


You’re strictly prohibited from uploading images as follows:

  • Images you didn’t shoot or create yourself
    *Including images that are distributed as free images on the Internet, images published on a magazine/book or any other media, sample images or wallpaper images already installed to a computer or other softwares.
  • Images which are closely similar to the images by other authors, the possible plagiarism of which might be alleged.
  • Images that are otherwise infringing other person’s copyright.

*Note: Even some free images or free fonts have permission for commercial use, that doesn’t mean redistributing or reproducing them as stock images are also permitted.
*Note: Please never copy, reproduce, or imitate any images those copyright reserved by any third party.

Frequently asked questions

Q. My friend shot my portrait for me. I own this data and the model is myself. Is it fine to sell this image at PIXTA?
A. No. Even if you own the image, copyright belongs to the person who shot the portrait. Selling images whose copyright you do not own yourself will constitute an infringement of copyright, unless the copyright is transferred to you. In order to transfer copyright, a written contract is necessary.
Q. I made my original image using free fonts and free images that are distributed on the Internet. Since this is my original image, is it fine to sell this at PIXTA?
A. No. Even if you used free contents to create your own image, those free contents’ copyright still belong to anyone who created them. Unless those copyrights are given up, free contents including free fonts and images are mostly prohibited to be sold as stock images.
Please make sure if those free contents could be used for stock images with sales purpose or not.