What if it is Rejected?

If after the review your content is rejected, we will inform you the reason in “Content Manager”.
Please read it carefully and apply this information to your next shoots or productions.
Even if there is more than one reason for the rejection, we will let you know only about one major reason, so we recommend that before trying again you have a look at our Selling Stock Guideline and Rejection Reasons of Photos and Illustrations once again.
Please understand that we do not reply to individual questions about the reviewing results.

Can I try again?

Basically, we do not accept re-uploads of images that have been rejected once before.
However, in cases in which corrections can be made such as the rejection reasons listed below, you can re-upload your photo after making the necessary changes.

  • Incomplete model release – Add the correct number of model release forms and upload
  • Incomplete keywords – Add proper keywords and upload
  • Noise in the image or insufficient retouch – Retouch the necessary spots and upload
  • Wrong settings for vertical or horizontal position – Fix the position and upload

Please understand that in this case you will have to upload the file again as new and undergo another reviewing.
Furthermore, since we only inform you of one major reason for rejection, there may be others and a re-upload of your file even after you have corrected one issue does not necessarily mean that it will be accepted.
Thank you for your understanding.

Regarding the rejection of images on sale

In order to continuously offer contents that our customers can use at ease, PIXTA regularly revises its reviewing standards and its contents that are already on sale whenever the need arises.
Because of this, contents that have passed our reviewing in the first place may be deemed unfit for sale and therefore be rejected after a few days.
Thank you for your understanding.