Update: The date of the closure is 12th May, 2020.

Dear Users in Thailand and all Thai language users.

It is hereby announced that the operation for the Thai customers and customer support in Thai language, which have been conducted by PIXTA (THAILAND) CO.,LTD., will be terminated shortly.

We explain the changes as follows due to the above mentioned termination.


  1. Changes related to site languages 

Thai language website of PIXTA (th.pixtastock.com) will be closed in May 2020. If you have used Thai language site, please use English, Japanese, Traditional-Chinese, Simplified-Chinese, or Korean site instead.

The license of the images and subscription licenses you purchased on Thai website remain still valid.



        2. Changes related to purchasing

After termination of PIXTA (Thailand)’s operation, you can still purchase the contents and/or the subscription plans of PIXTA through the operation by a Japanese corporation, PIXTA Inc. subject to the following changes:

a. Change of currency

Currency you can use when purchasing will be changed from Thai Baht to US Dollar


Single Download

S size US$5

M size US$15

L size US$30

XLsize US$50

Vector US$35


Subscription Plan Download  (360 days contract)

10DL/30days US$29(per 30 days)

750DL/30days US$199(per 30 days) 


Other plans can be checked online after the currency change.


b. Unapplied VAT(Value Added Tax)  and Tax Invoice

VAT is not applied to the transaction between Thai customers and PIXTA Inc., as PIXTA Inc. is Japan corporation. Tax invoice can not be issued as well. Please use the receipt format issued online. 


3. Changes related to the subscription plans

Existing subscription plans you purchased from PIXTA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. will be terminated on the expiry date which is shown on your “mypage”, regardless of the automatic-renewal setting due to the termination of PIXTA (Thailand)’s operation, which will apply after this announcement. 

If you want to continue to use the subscription plans, you can purchase a new license online in any of the above mentioned other language sites. 


The actual closing date of the Thai site and the change of the sales companies is to be announced on the website once it’s confirmed. 


The contractual relationship between Thai contributors and PIXTA remains unchanged under the Terms of Use including the Contributor Agreement made between Thai contributors and PIXTA Inc. Therefore, there is no change regarding the royalties or payment etc.


Thank you for your understanding.