Dear Contributors,
Thank you for your constant contribution to PIXTA.
We have a few system updates to announce.

 Partial exclusivity setting system is released!

From now on, you could easily pick images and set them as exclusive individually in your account page, just by accepting “PIXTA Terms and Conditions for Exclusive Supply of Contents”.
You could simply change the status of images at Submit Images page or Content Manager page.
Please log-in to your account and check the new function!

 Minimum sales size could be changed!

You could choose the minimum sales size by changing the settings at Content Manager in your account page.
Usually the sales sizes are automatically decided and start from S size. From now on, you could choose the minimum sales size to any sizes other than S size, too.

 PR tool is released!

PIXTA has released PR tool which contributors could PR their images at web pages or their own blogs. Please pick any images in your Content Manager, access to Content Details page, then generate PR tag code by yourself.
Please use this tool to PR your images by just copy and paste the PR tag code to your web pages or blogs.

 Message function is enabled!

With message function, you could send and receive messages with PIXTA account holders. In order to send message to other contributors, just access to the profile page who you want to send message, then click “Send Message”.
Please be noted that since this function has been released, it’s possible that contributors/purchasers might send messages to you. When a message is sent to you, notification e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Please log-in to your account page and check the message.
We’re continueing to improve the system of PIXTA.
If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to let us know via inquiry form.