If your uploaded contents are rejected after the reviewing, one of the reasons below will be displayed.
Even when there are various reasons for the rejection, we will inform you of only the most obvious one, so we recommend going through the list below and checking every point before you try again.

Some points include a “Details” link that will display a full detailed explanation when clicked on. (Please login to PIXTA to view them)


Additionally, in order to continuously offer contents that our customers can use at ease, PIXTA regularly revises its reviewing standards and its contents that are already on sale whenever the need arises.
Because of this, contents that have passed our reviewing in the first place may be deemed unfit for sale and therefore be rejected after a few days.
Thank you for your understanding.

Those selling illustrations and footage, please check these as well!
Rejection Reasons of Illustrations
Rejection Reasons of Footage

Reasons for rejection of photos and illustrations
Reason Details
Limited commercial value. (For photos) Details
Limited commercial value. (For illustrations) Details
Noise or/and artifacts. Details
Out of focus, or focused on the wrong place. Details
Unsuccessful motion blur or camera shake. Details
Something that should be removed on your subject (dust, stain etc.). Details
Poor lighting / exposure. Details
Incorrect white balance / color balance. Details
Dust or/and scratches on your lens, sensor or film. Details
Recognisable logo/trademark, or personal information. Details
Unacceptable information included ( date, copyright or other unnecessary characters). Details
Unnecessary characters included. Details
Over editing or other unnecessary effects to be useful. Details
Poor trimming. Details
Poorly composed. Details
Too many similar subjects. Details
Unappropriate keywording. Details
Vertical / horizontal position is wrong. Details
Content type (photo/illust) is wrong. Details
Something wrong with model release(s). Details
Image data has a problem. Details
Unacceptable for certain reason (e.g. limited commercial value).
Try downsizing your image and upload again. Details
Identical to the onlined one (or just flipped). Details
The image was not successfully uploaded. Details
The content is temporary discontinued. Details
Please check again whether you need the permission of the subject. Details
Inappropriate line(s) or dot(s) is confirmed in this image, otherwise it could be dust or dirt when scanning. Details
【E】JPG and EPS contain different data. Details
【E】Upload EPS file compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 – CS2. Details
【E】The image cannot be accepted since the text is not outlined. Details
【E】The image cannot be accepted due to embed raster image or linked image. Details
【E】The image cannot be accepted due to filled open shape(s) or stray point(s). Details
【E】There are hidden layers. Please delete the unnecessary data, and upload it again. Details
【E】Limited commercial value since a peculiar plug-in software is used to the data. Details
【P】JPG and PNG contain different data. Details
【P】No transparency PNG file. Details
【P】Not acceptable because of inappropriate transparency. Details
【P】Limited commercial value because of inappropriate transparency. Details
【E】【P】We do not accept damaged data. Details
【E】【P】Unnecessary object that interrupt your composition. Details
【E】【P】Not acceptable. The file name is the same with previously rejected JPG. Details
【E】【P】We do not accept images including unnecessary characters. Details

※【E】= Rejected reason for EPS file 【P】= Rejected reason for PNG file