Hello everyone! I’m Kuan~ In this article, we would like to share about the content trends in Hong Kong and how your photos may be selling well in Hong Kong if you happen to shoot the related themes.

Firstly, to understand why certain themes of photos are being downloaded in Hong Kong, we need certain contextual knowledge about the country and its demographics.

Hong Kong bears one of the world’s lowest birthrate and the government is encouraging more couples to get married and start a family. In Hong Kong, there is a weak sense of responsibility in starting a family amongst youngsters. Most young couples do not wish to get married and be burdened by the restrictions of an additional member, as well as to bear the brunt of the increasing costs in raising a child in Hong Kong.

In addition to the high costs in raising a child, Hong Kong is a densely populated country, and the land is arguably too small for the total population of more than 7 million people. This would mean that housing becomes an issue as houses are small and far from affordable.
Housing is also partly a factor in deterring young couples from getting married and starting a family of their own, and the government has introduced various schemes to assist in housing ownership in Hong Kong.

Hence, it is not surprising to see photos of family, parenting, baby/kids, and housing being downloaded in Hong Kong – most possibly to promote marriage and childbirth, which also leads to owning a house to start a family.

Here are some downloads from Hong Kong:


a Japanese father and son reading a book together Pregnant mother gently touching her belly Close up of young child sitting on parent's lap A mother's happy discovery of her pregnancy Happy parent carrying her child  Parent playing with her child

Baby and Kids

Baby smiling happily Infant grinning Cute infant looking upwards Elder brother kissing his younger baby sibling


Family of three having a bonding time at home Family having fun outdoors in the sun Harmonious happy family having fun in the outdoors Three generations: Grandmother carrying grandchild


 Construction plans for a new house Fixing problems with housing

Have a family of your own and enjoy shooting your own kids? Perhaps your photos will stand a rather high chance in attracting some downloads from our Hong Kong clients, so do give it a shot if you have been shooting such images!