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To aid our contributors in their productions, we have summarised some useful information such as commonly searched keywords as well as a recap of last month’s contents and featured keyword rankings for your reference.

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 Commonly Searched Keywords

These are keywords that are commonly searched in June 2015, and we hope this will help give you some ideas in the upcoming months. If you were considering to shoot something but have no idea what to shoot, this list may help you plan in advance.

June 2015 Most Searched

Recap of Last Month’s Best Rankings

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What’s Popular in the Upcoming Months?

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Splashing at Songkran
Songkran (Thailand): 13th-15th April 2016
Earth Day: 22nd April 2016

April is perhaps the month most associated with Spring! Think of the blossoming of flowers, winter melting away to pave way for spring… Perhaps this is why Earth Day is also happening in the same month! For some of us who stay nearer to the Southeast Asian region, it is also good to note that Songkran is happening in Thailand – so for those who are familiar with the Thailand new year, prepare loads of water and splashin’ around!