Presenting to you…. Pixta-Insta!

PIXTA Asia is running its very first instagram campaign, Pixta-Insta!
All you need is a phone camera and an Instagram account, and submit as many images as you want that is relevant to the theme.
Hashtag us at #PixtaInsta and you will stand a chance to win some prizes!

Campaign runs till 30th April!



Get creative as you look up and discover fresh and interesting compositions.
We often look at things in front of us, or things that are immediately around us – but how often do we look up and observe the art that’s hovering above us?

Now’s the time to start paying attention!

How to Join

• Own an Instagram account
• Own a phone camera
• Follow us at #pixtastock
• Hashtag #PixtaInsta to join


• 10 winners will be selected and their images will be featured on our blog and Facebook page
Winners will win Pixta novelty gifts, and Pixtastock credits to download our royalty-free images for free!

 Note on Model Release and Copyright issue **IMPORTANT**

 Images submitted will not require a compulsory model release form; however, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the model has given him or her due permission to submit his/her photo(s). PIXTA Asia will not be held responsible for any complaints against participants for model-release issues.
 Participants are also responsible for their submission of images that include brands or logos, places that may require property release, or any images that may display private information such as car plate numbers.
 PIXTA Asia reserve the rights to remove any images from our campaign if we find images that are inappropriate or defaming in nature.

Other than that, have fun shooting!

For further questions or queries, please drop us an email.