Thank you for using our service PIXTA.

Pursuant to the Article 2 of PIXTA Terms of Use,
we hereby notify you of updates of our Terms of Use etc.
which will take effect on November 8, 2022.

The updates this time include those of our Disclaimer clauses as well as
provisions for the Membership Registration etc. when you use our service as a company
in order to make the terms and conditions easier to understand for you all,
based on the Consumer Contract Act of Japan.
However, there is no change to the scope of license who can use the contents.

Also, though the Extended License is not required for the Footage and the Music,
we clarified that the Extended License is only required for the Images.

The updates also include those reflecting the revised Civil Code of Japan,
and adjustments in order to be consistent to the information posted in our site
as well as to our current operation.

Please be noted that the page of the “About Licenses” is also updated

We would like to ask you all to check the updates prior to the effective date.

What will be mainly updated in our Terms of Use etc. are as follows:

Terms of Use
Paragraph 1 and 6 of Article 1
Article 4
Paragraph 7 of Article 7

Terms of Use – License Agreement
Paragraph 6-7 of Article 16
Items vi of Paragraph 13 of Article 16
Article 17
Paragraphs 2 of Article 20
Paragraph 3 and 6 of Article 22

Terms of Use – Contributor Agreement
Paragraphs 7 of Article 23
Paragraphs 6 of Article 25
Article 28

You can check the updated Terms of Use and webpage of “About Licenses”
in the following URLs.
PIXTA Terms of Use
About licenses

We will always try our best in order to make progress and further improve our service
so that more and more people can use it comfortably.