Dear PIXTA Contributors,

Thank you for using our service PIXTA.

We would like to inform you that Payoneer has been added as our new payment method.


If you would like to receive payment via Payoneer, please update the payment setting from here<>. (log-in required)

*If you choose Payoneer as your Payment Method, the amount of royalties in Japanese Yen will be exchanged at the JPY-USD rate as applied by Payoneer to the amount in US dollar, which will be transferred to your Payoneer account, subject to the conversion fee to be deducted in the amount equivalent to 2% of the amount of royalties in US dollar.
The applied JPY-USD rate shall be the rate of an external financial institution determined by Payoneer in accordance with the date of our exchange order, which may be different from the date of your conversion application or payment date.

Payment process is same as Paypal.
Our default minimum payout is 50 credits . Payment will be processed on 15th (if holiday, deferred to the next business day) of the month after the next you make a request.
(e.g. If you make a request during August, payment will be disbursed on October 15th.)

●Useful Links;
Earnings and Payment
FAQ: How will I get Payment?

We will always try our best in order to make progress and further improve our service so that more and more people can use it comfortably.