How the upload limits changes at PIXTA

Each contributor has a set limited number of upload for photos/illustrations.

The upload limit can change depending on following factors:

  • Approval rate (Less images are rejected during PIXTA’s review)
  • Quality as stock photos/illustrations
  • Keywording accuracy

If a contributor is uploading highly qualified stock image constantly, then the upload limit will increase.
On the other hand, if a contributor’s images are mostly rejected, keywords aren’t accurate, or decided unsuitable as stock photos/illustrations by PIXTA, then the upload limit might decrease.

Your upload limit will be refreshed once a month so please check your refresh date and upload limit in your account page.(In case your upload limit increases, it’ll be applied on the day after the reviewing process is completed.)

*You do not have to upload the maximum number of images and it is no problem if you do not upload for a while.
However, please be noted that the unused upload count won’t be added to next upload limit.
*The upload limit will increase/decrease only if you’re uploading certain amount of images.
If you’re not uploading at all or the number of your upload is very less, then that won’t change the upload limit.

 How to raise the upload limits immediately

If you want us to raise your limit immediately and you have over 500 images, then please contact us from following link.

Apply for examination to increase your upload limit