Thank you for using our service PIXTA.

October 30, 2019,
we updated our Terms of Use.

PIXTA Terms of Use
Paragraph 10 of Article 8

Terms of Use – License Agreement
Item ii of paragraph 13 of Article 16
Paragraph 4 of Article 20
Item i of paragraph 3 of Article 22

Terms of Use – Contributor Agreement
Paragraphs of Article 23 including the newly added paragraph 5
Paragraph 3 of Article 24

The above mentioned provisions have been updated.

If we can digest, as for the provisions for the purchasing Members,
we have updated provisions on the Subscription plans
in order to respond the increased variety of those plans in each country
in the course of overseas expansion of the PIXTA service,
as well as updating and improving some phrases
in order to avoid vagueness in operating the prohibition
or indemnification while using the contents.

As for the provisions for the Contributor Members,
in order to respond our customer’s demands for the contents
to be used in more various manners, we have added one paragraph
for prescribing the procedures to be taken in special cases
to notify etc. the Contributor Members,
as well as improving or complementing some phrases
used in the Contributor Agreement.

Please be sure to check the latest Terms of Use when you use our service. Thank you.

We will always try our best in order to make progress and further improve our service
so that more and more people can use it comfortably.