In order to sell footage at PIXTA, you need to pass our Footage Contributor Examination. Please submit your self created video clips to PIXTA, along with the detailed information of the camera and other equipment environment used to create footage.

Please note that:

– Your portfolio should include more than 5 clips.
– Every clip should be in accordance with PIXTA’s footage guideline.

Apply for Footage Contributor Examination

You have two options for application: URL or DVD.

    1. Sign up for PIXTA contributor account and access to “Footage Contributor Examination” in your account page (log-in required).
    2. Select “URL” or “DVD” for your submission.
      – If you select “URL”, please fill out URL form(s).
      - If you select “DVD”, you don’t have to fill out URL form(s). Send your portfolio DVD to the following addressee and specify the shipping date in “Note”.
      We are no longer accepting DVDs by mail.
    3. Specify your camera, software and other equipments and the amount of works that are ready for contribution.
    4. Make sure all the information is correct and then click “Submit” button.
    5. The result will be notified to you in 3-7 business days after your portfolio is received.