Dear PIXTA Contributors,

Thank you for always supporting PIXTA.

We’d like to announce that we’ve released the “PIXTA Contributor”, a web application that help contributors upload and manage their works on their mobile devices such as smartphone from anywhere.


  • Can upload and manage your works (photos and illustrations) easily.
  • Can set keywords on your works with the help of the automatic keyword suggestion system based on our AI.
  • Can edit your works anywhere and anytime on your mobile device
  • Can use this app in various kinds of language (En, KR, TW, CN, and TH)

* For now, only photos and illustrations are applicable. Footage and images in the EPS/PNG file forms can not be managed in this app.
* This app works under the condition of Android 6.0 or later / iOS 11.0 or later.

How to access on PIXTA Contributor

1. Open the Internet browser on your smartphone or tablet PC, and enter in the address bar.
2. If you see the login page, please login using your existing pixta account.
3. You can use “Add to Home Screen” function to install this application on you device and use it without opening the browser.


Please use the account you’ve already created before.
As for the condition and specifications of works, please refer to the “Contributor guide

1. Please log in with your existing account.

*If you have not signed up yet, please do so on our website, “” in advance.

*In order to upload your works, you are expected to submit your ID document and pass our admission test.


2. Select your works to upload.

  • You can select only images that are stored in your mobile devices.
  • You can upload images taken with various kinds of photo-shooting apps of your mobile devices as well (Guideline for uploading works).
  • After uploading them, enter necessary information of the works, and apply for our work-review.

* Other functions such as uploading and managing model-releases, creating folders, uploading images simultaneously, and notification of sales will be released in the future.

How to register works

1. Enter information of works

After uploading them, please select the work, go to the registration page, enter necessary information of the works, and apply for our work-review.

After uploading works, you can enter keywords, the tile, explanations/comments.

Title (necessary)
  • Enter title that describe your works correctly with less than 100 letters.
  • The title is not the search object. Please make sure to set important words to the keywords, which are the search object.

Keywords (necessary)
  • Recommendable keywords based on our AI get generated automatically. Select necessary keywords, and finish the keyword-entry step.
  • Enter in the order of importance.
  • Separate keywords with comma(,) or enter key. If you use the space bar, it will be regarded as just a keyword.
  • If you do not enter appropriate keywords, your works will not be display on our search results, whether the quality is perfect or not, and this will lead to the decrease of the sale opportunity of your works. Please make sure to enter appropriate and enough keywords. Click here for details about how the recommendable keyword suggestion system works.
  • You can enter additional information about your images with less than 250 letters.
  • The comments are not search subjects either. If the comment includes important words, make sure to put them in the keyword section as well.
Exclusive sale
  • Fill in the checkbox in the case that you would like to apply for our “Exclusive Supply of Contents system”.
    Before doing so, please make sure to read the “Terms and Conditions for Exclusive Supply of Contents”.
  • Based on the contract, contributors who desire to resume their contents from the Exclusive Supply of Contents system have to wait for 90 days after the application. Besides, in the case that they wish to apply those works to the system again, they need another 90 days before those works get back to the system.

2. Registration

After entering all the necessary information, once you click the “submit” button, the registration step will be complete.

Every single work registered onto PIXTA gets examined, and only the works that pass the review will be on sale. Basically, the reviews are done within 7 business days. Besides, when we get many applications of the work review, we would need more time. We appreciate your kind understanding.

About the details of the work review


  • Please make sure to set “title” and “keyword”
  • The “title” and “keyword” section are editable after the review is complete.
  • As far as the images that can identify specific person are concerned, you need to upload the model-release. If you don’t attach the model-release to those image, they cannot pass our examination.

For now, you cannot upload model-release with the mobile-device uploader. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but please use the desktop versions. We’ve been working on the development of the mobile one, too.

About the suggestion of keywords with the AI technology
  • When you upload your works, keywords based on our AI technology get generated automatically.
  • If you think you need more keywords in addition to the recommended keywords, please add more by yourself.

The keyword recommendation service has been applied to the mobile uploader.