What is “stock photos”?

Stock photo is the business of licensing your artwork (it can also be vector, illustration, footage) wherever they are.
The advantages of buyers are:

  • To save time to take and edit photos.
  • To get the images with lower price than that of your own photography and edition.
  • To select what you need from various kinds of images whose taste also varies widely.

Photos for advertising have been taken after receiving an order until recently. However, nowadays stock photos are used for different types of advertising, banners and films. A number of professional photographers are involved in stock photos. It is said that the stock photo sales on the market is on the scale of billions of dollars.

The merits of doing stock photos

★You can get incomes while sleeping or being on vacations.
Even if you are sleeping or on vacations, you can earn money when your stock photos are sold.

★Stock photos can be bought many times
Stock photos are always in stock even if it is sold at a time. Therefore, once you upload a stock photo at PIXTA, the photo can be sold over and over again. A stock photo might bring you millions of sales.

★ You can do stock photos whenever you want.
The time for doing stock photos is flexible. You can do it in accordance with your life style. The time might be your free time during weekdays, weekends, early in the morning or late at night. It is possible for you to create images along with your schedule.


If you want to get a lot of incomes for stock photos, investing money is necessary. There is a high needs for portrait images and footage. What you need to get them are the followings:

  • models
  • a studio
  • make-up

You need to invest money for those kinds of things. However, it is also possible to create profitable photos of goods and landscape without investing. This depends on ideas. You can do stock photos along with your interest and situation.


Contributors who upload various kinds of images have more possibility to get high incomes. It is because they can correspond to various needs of the buyers.
For example, a Japanese photographer gets tens of millions of yen of sales. This is not only a case of professional photographer but an amateur photographer who takes photography only in weekend. He/she can make more than $100,000.

Increasing the sales is not easy. However, it is not impossible to make a lot of incomes as long as you have great ideas and upload a large quantity of images.

Here are interviews of contributors who sell their stock photos well.

Let’s start stock photos!

If you already have images that are approptiate for stock photos, you can start selling them.
You may not need to take and edit them.

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We are looking forward to your great images.