In order to sell footage at PIXTA, you need to pass our Footage Contributor Examination.

Please refer to the following guidelines for the conditions and specifications of materials that can be sold.
Selling Stock Guideline
Footage Guideline

How to upload Footage

When you are ready to upload your content, click the “Footage (Web)” button on the top page.
You can upload by dragging and dropping or by clicking the “Select Work” button.
When the camera icon is displayed, please press the “Upload” button.

* New uploads with file names that have been registered in the past are not possible. Sorry to trouble you, but please change the file name and upload.

It will take some time to upload. Please wait without switching pages until the status bar is all orange.

The display disappears when the status bar is all switched to orange.
Scroll down the page as soon as the display disappears.

You can see that the uploaded file is reflected at the bottom of the page.
If you don’t see it, please reload the page.

Thumbnails are created about 1 to 24 hours after the file has been uploaded. After creating, you will be able to enter detailed information such as titles and keywords.

When the thumbnail is displayed, enter the information such as keywords, title, comment, etc. and apply for review.

Please check the Submit Footage page for how to submit them.