During February 28th(10:00am JST) to March 5th(11:00am JST), Vector EPS/PNG upload error via Flash uploader occurred, which only accepted JPG for reviewing but not EPS nor PNG file. Flash upload using zip compressed file format is also included.
In this case, Contents Manager in contributors’ Dashboard doesn’t show EPS/PNG which is supposed to be matched with JPG version.
Also, some of the files uploaded during the system error acquire IPTC information. If IPTC is not implemented to uploaded file, please delete the file and then upload it again.
We have already fixed this system error and the uploader has returned to its original function.
We are deeply sorry for the trouble and inconvenience.
Currently we are fixing the Vector EPS/PNG files uploaded during the time period shown above, however, the correction might not work on some files.
If so, please proceed to match Vector EPS/PNG files as soon as the reviewing for JPG is finished.
»Please see here for more details.
If you have submitted Vector EPS/PNG file but only JPG version became on sale, please follow the steps shown above to match Vector EPS/PNG file to JPF file.