Sawadeeka~! This means ‘hello’ in Thai, and in today’s article, we would like to share about the content trends in Thailand!

Firstly, to understand the images sold to our Thai customers, we need to understand the demands of the country, what their culture is like, and what are prominent things about the country.

Thailand is an extremely popular tourist destination, with lots of beaches, resorts, bars, cafes, shopping centers etc. Popular spots like Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and the country’s lively city Bangkok are often swarmed with tourists from all over the world. Hence, not surprising at all, we see a lot of downloads for landscape photos by our Thai customers to promote tourism.

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Enter the world of the glamour and beauty! Thailand is also a hotspot for tourists to engage in beauty and wellness services. There is an abundance of services like manicures and pedicures, foot massage, body massage, spa, facial, hairstyling, and teeth whitening. Cosmetic surgery services are also popular with the locals and tourists who flock the bustling city. And of course, with so much focus on beauty, make-up is also popular and in high demand!




So, if you have been shooting images with similar themes, know that your images are especially appealing to our Thai customers! If you are wondering how you can sell your images in Thailand, then why not give these themes a shot? Happy shooting!