Please make sure to check the following items before you submit your works.

Copyright of works- Checklist

You can not submit your works corresponding to the following seven items.

1 Images contributor members do not create or shoot (Images contributor members do not have copyright).Example:Image published / distributed on web etc in public
images of image packages
Photos taken by other photographers
2 Images corresponding to work for hire (works for which contributor members do not own copyright), even if they themselves create and shoot the works.
3 Images whose copyright contributor members do not have and which does not obtain any official document about sales licence from a legitimate right holder to sell on PIXTA.
4 Images infringing the rights of third parties.Example:Photos showing artworks such as paintings or sculptures within the copyright protection period.
Photos showing trademarks, logo marks, characters etc.
5 Images which include any identifiable person as subjects and whose person do not submit model release signed.
6 Images photographed without the necessary permission from the administrator in some buildings, commercial facilities, temples, shrines and temples, etc where commercial shooting is prohibited
7 Image deviating from the sales guidelines of each category that we designate


Information to submit – Checklist

You cannot enter any title, tags, or other information that includes the following 3 items.

1 Inaccurate information
2 Incorrect information
3 Name used without the consent of the right holder