Limited commercial value because of inappropriate transparency.

Based on our review standards, the transparency is not appropriate to sell as PNG data. ●【Tips】 Following cases correspond to this rejection reason. – Even if you dared to fill the path or make it transparent on purpose, if it… Continue Reading →

Not acceptable because of inappropriate transparency.

The transparency is unnatural. Please modify and upload it again. ●【Tips】 If following mistakes or imperfections are deemed, it corresponds to this rejection reason. – A part where should be transparent is not transparent. – Filled path which should remain… Continue Reading →

No transparency PNG file.

No transparency were confirmed. All PNG files must have a transparency to sell on PIXTA.

JPG and PNG contain different data.

Differences of JPG and PNG were found in other than transparency parts. Please check the differences, modify the contents to be the same as linked JPG file and then upload it again.

Limited commercial value since a peculiar plug-in software is used to the data.

Since the EPS file was used a peculiar plug-in software which you use at your PC enviroment, so it became the data which a customer cannot edit. We recommend to sell only JPG file.

The image cannot be accepted due to embed raster image or linked image.

Any linked image or embed raster image within the EPS data is not acceptable. ●【Tips】 Produced by Illustrator and rasterized image is deemed as an image and corresponds to this rejection reason. If you use after CS3 Illustrator, when you’re… Continue Reading →

There are hidden layers. Please delete the unnecessary data, and upload it again.

There are hidden layers within the data. Please delete the unnecessary data, and upload it again. ●【Tips】 It is a hidden layer if there is no mark of “Eye” on the left side of layer window on you Illustrator. We… Continue Reading →

The image cannot be accepted due to filled open shape(s) or stray point(s).

The image cannot be accepted due to filled open shape(s) or stray point(s) within the data. ●【Tips】 If a data includes filled open shapes, there are cases that cannot be shown appropriately when the data produced with Illustrator is placed… Continue Reading →

The image cannot be accepted since the text is not outlined.

Non-outlined text remains within the EPS data. Please make sure to outline all text. ●【Tips】 You can check if non-outlined text/font remains within your EPS data by the window of Document Info > Fonts in your Illustrator. Also if there… Continue Reading →

Upload EPS file compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 – CS2.

The uploaded EPS data is not saved by our compatible version of Adobe Illustrator. Please re-save with any of Adobe Illustrator 8.0 – CS2 and then upload again. ●【Tips】 Please take care of the following things when you version down… Continue Reading →

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