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Did you know that being aware of inter-country relationships can be a bonus in your contents planning and it can help you get an idea of what might potentially sell?

Tourism is a thriving and profitable industry, and some countries economy depend heavily on tourism as one of their major source of country revenue.

For example, in recent months, Japan and Thailand have agreed to do away with tourist VISA applications between their countries. As a result, Japanese and Thai tourists are free to travel between countries and this brings about increased tourism for both sides. Naturally, the need for more of such images to cater to the demands of tourism increases, and evidently, sales of images featuring things like the Japanese cherry blossom have also increased in Thailand.

These are some of the images sold in Thailand:

cherry blossoms, night Cherry Blossoms by the canal, day Cherry blossom tree in full bloom, sunny close up of cherry blossom in Spring Cherry blossoms at a Japanese gate, night row of cherry blossom trees in bloom by the river


On normal occasions, it would be uncommon and odd for Cherry Blossom images to fall under the “in demand” category in Thailand.

Therefore, it is important that you understand relationships between countries and think about how this will affect the demands of the market. Of course, this is just one example, but it does show a direct relationship to what happens to the sales and demands of the images. So if you are planning about marketing your stock images for sale in future, please do not forget to consider this point!