Haruka Wakiyama

About Rejecting Remaining Materials in Sale (Stop Sales)

In PIXTA, in order to provide materials that customers can use with confidence, we regularly review the screening standards. We re-review for materials on sale also. Therefore, if it is determined that the material that has passed the review or… Continue Reading →

Sale in the Partner’s Services

We are currently developing the business alliance and sell the PIXTA contents through services with our partner(s) as set forth below, aiming at approaching new customers that are difficult for us to reach and to increase opportunities of your wonderful… Continue Reading →

Notification of delaying the reviewing of footage contents.

Dear Contributors Thank you always for using our service. We are delaying the reviewing recently of footage contents. Please wait for a while until the reviewing is finished. For more details, please check the following article. About reviewing period Thank… Continue Reading →

Notification of manufunction of the system to upload illustration(Recovered)

Dear Contributors Thank you always for using our service. The system to upload vector illustrations(ESP data)has malfunction since yesterday. Due to this trouble, your contents(ESP data)might be uploaded as damaged data and get rejection. We are working on fixing this… Continue Reading →

Introduction of the release of the “PIXTA Contributor”, a web app for smartphone

Dear PIXTA Contributors, Thank you for always supporting PIXTA. We’d like to announce that we’ve released the “PIXTA Contributor”, a web application that help contributors upload and manage their works on their mobile devices such as smartphone from anywhere. [Features]… Continue Reading →

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