Dear PIXTA contributors,

Thank you for your wonderful works.

Today, we would like to announce that we have started accepting mp4 and 4K footage,

which are new to PIXTA, according to a lot of requests from PIXTA contributors.

We constantly strive to improve our service even further.

We appreciate your cooperation.


How to upload mp4 and 4K content

You can upload mp4 and 4K contents along Footage Guideline specification.

The date of the contents going on sale

The mp4 and 4K contents will be on sale on PIXTA at 3 to 5 months after we started accepting them (June 3, 2019 ).
Please note in advance that it is possible for us to change the date of the contents going on sale,depends on the content’s collected situation.

We have started to sell mp4, 4K contents since August 7th, 2019.
Please check the following link for more details.
Announcement for the mp4. 4K contents going on sale

In the case that you would like to sell 4K size contents while the same ones have already come out on PIXTA.

You can upload 4K contents same as the way you upload the ordinary footage content.

When you upload either same content or similar content, it is shown on the screen to confirm whether the content you upload is the same as stock content on sale.

Some items do Not get recognized as either the same content or similar contents from time to time. In this case, please upload them as new contents.

【In the case that two footage contents are the same】

  • When you are selling 4K video content, all sizes are converted and sold from the uploaded video contents in in the form of 4K.
  • The information of the content, such as tags and model release, will be linked with stock content on sale automatically.

※Please check out here on detail.


Q. There is a description that the 4K sized content will take 3 to 5 months before they go on sale. If existing contents get judged as he 4K sized content, will they still continue to be on sale during the period?
We will continue to sell stock footage content on sale, even if the content get judged same as the 4K content.
※We are going to start selling just the 4K sized contents in 3 to 5 months.


Q. Please tell us more details about the element to judge whether the it’s the same content or not.
A. We are sorry, but we can NOT tell you the details of the element about it.


Q. In the case that I upload 2 contents that are totally the same as each other, is it possible that they Do not get judged as the same contents?
There are cases that even if the both contents are the same, it is possible that they will NOT be judged as the same, and even if the two contents are different, it is possible that they will be judged the same contents.

We will continue to improve our systems day to day.


Q. On which work process will it be shown that 「When you upload either the same content or similar content, the screen to confirm whether the content you upload is the same as stock content on sale. will be shown」?
A.If the system judges that two contents are the same,
you will see 「the both contents are judged as the same」on the screen for applying.
Then, please re-judge whether two contents are the same on your own.


If I upload the contents with 4K size,
is the release date of the other sized contents that are created by the system going to be 3 to 5 months later, or before the 4K sized contents go on sale?

A.We will start selling the other sized contents at the same time as we start selling the 4K sized contents.

If you have any question about this, please check out on detail by Inquiry form.


▼Inquiry form

Again, we appreciate your continuous support of PIXTA.