Dear PIXTA Contributor Members,

Thank you for always using PIXTA.

PIXTA has started a business partnership with OGQ Co., Ltd. in terms of the “Naver OGQ Market” as we already announced in advance.

Naver OGQ Market is a digital contents market of stamps, photographs, illustrations, music, etc., which is operated by “Naver”, the largest internet search portal site in South Korea, in cooperation with OGQ Co., Ltd.

The digital contents sold in Naver OGQ Market will be used in blog posts and comments etc. posted
in the Naver services such as “Naver blog” and “Naver cafe” and so forth.

【Contents that are going on sale on the Naver OGQ Market】

Only the items that meet all the conditions below will be subject to the sale in the market.

  1. Images or illustrations that have gone on sale in PIXTA and accepted subscription sale.
  2. Items that have started selling on PIXTA by 12th March, 2019.
  3. In the case you have not rejected providing your works at once to our partners services by 2nd April,2019.

※We will sequentially start to sell the contents that get ready for the sale.

【Sales conditions】

○ Sales Prices in the Naver OGQ Market
200 KRW

○ Royalty to be paid to the Contributor Member:
The royalty will be calculated based on the “net profit” we receive from OGQ,
at the same royalty rate as you have for the individual sales in the PIXTA.

The net profit is the above mentioned sales prices less tax, the partner’s settlement charges and OGQ’s commissions etc.
The royalty will be granted in the earned credits.

*If the above mentioned sales price is changed thereafter,
we will notify you of the change through a post in the designated page ( ).
*The conditions may be changed through consultation between OGQ Co.,Ltd. and PIXTA.
*There are no changes of the contents we announced here from that of the announcement in March 2019.

Please check details in this pages, such as the timing of grant of earned credits,
contribution to the rank system and, the way to reject providing your works at once to our partners services etc.

For inquiries about this issue, please contact us through the inquiry form.

Inquiry form

PIXTA are constantly striving to further improve sales opportunities.
Again, we really appreciate your cooperation!