Stock Photos’ Seminar on 27th August by Pixtastock


Pixtastock, the No.1 Japanese micro stock photos’ agency, will have a seminar about stock photos on 27th August. This seminar will be held for photographers and also amateur photographers who are interested in stock photos! The contents will be about Pixtastock, stock photos, and the way to shoot stock photos.


- Outline
Date: 27/08/2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Place: 3F The Co (
Fee: Free
Capacity: 20
(In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw for place allocation)

- Content
First Half
[1] An Introduction of Stock Photos
[2] Background of PIXTA
[3] Stock Photos Market in Southeast Asia
[4] Q&A

Last Half
[1] Being a Contributor at PIXTA
[2] Do’s and Don’t for Better Sales
[3] Well Selling Images at PIXTA
[4] Successful Stock Photographers
[5] How PIXTA Asia will Assist
[6] Q&A
[7] Questionnaire

- Who should join?
Stock photographers
Any photographers, who are interested in stock photos

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- About Pixtastock
Pixtastock is a Japanese leading micro stock photos agency. Our current library contains over 8.3 million high-quality stock photos, illustrations, and footage for creative professional clients all over the world.

We have built a local subsidiary in Singapore last year to expand our business to Asia. Now, we focus on Asian regions, and try to collect Asian images, cooperating with local photographers. We aim to be the No.1 micro stock photo agency in Asia by 2020.

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