PIXTA Affiliate Program

Be our Affiliate, and get 5% from qualifying purchases!

Start earning money by promoting your contents.

Only 3 Steps to start!

Get the Affiliate banner on your website New customers register after clicking on the banner You get 5% of all their purchases for 1 year as a reward
Become an Affiliate now

How to become a PIXTA Affiliate

  • Step1

    Log-in on PIXTA

    Click here to go to the log-in page

    *Unregistered user need to register first.

    » Click here to register

  • Step2

    Affiliate registration and configuration

    Create your Affiliate ID after
    agreeing with the Terms of use.

    Click here to go to the Affiliate registration and configuration page.

    » What you can do as a PIXTA Affiliate

  • Step3

    Put the banner on your website

    Copy the banner source code
    and start the affiliate program
    by puting it on your website!

Rewards and payment

Each time a new customer registers after clicking on the banner you put on your website and purchases images,
you will get 5% of all their purchases added to your credits as a reward for 1 year after their registrations!

Become an Affiliate now